Cynthia Luna Vazquez is a native San Franciscan, who by birthright has spent many years dancing in the streets. Cynthia, (aka Ms. Luna Tique) believes that making art is synonymous with making magic. She has directed Wikka Wimmin, a dance theater troupe that drew its creative inspiration from feminine archetypes. She has a “Mistress of Arts” degree from the Inter-Arts Center of SFSU. As a member of JouJou, she enjoys the challenge of coordinating her vocal chords to the rest of her neuromuscular system.

Jen Tait is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. As a toddler, she started singing high-pitched everythings including “Snow White” and the “Queen of the Night” aria from Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute.” She enjoyed squealing at the top of her lungs with her childhood best friend while jumping on a trampoline. She has performed classical music in Westminster Abbey, gospel music composed by Sweet Honey in the Rock and improv singing with Joey Blake of SoVoSo. She started JouJou to explore new vocal directions expanding international folk music. She also sings vocal improvisations on your name in madrigal style with The Madribombs. Jen has degrees in architecture and filmmaking. And, she is available for parties as Madam Z Palm Reader.

Cynthia Lohr sings for her life, not her supper. Her diverse musical background includes movie and cd credits performing Eastern European and Afro Funk music. She performed with Afro-Slavic female a cappella group D’yara, and is a devoted follower of great female vocalists including the late Ofra Haza, Fairuz and Sheila Chandra. Cynthia is building an ethnic music shrine including world music recordings and instruments to invite the spirits to join her late night jam sessions.

Left to Right:  Cynthia Vazquez, Jen Tait and Cynthia Lohr       Photo by Paul Kirchner

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