engineered by Chris Palmatier
cover art by Joe Mangrum

1. Baska Je Malo Selo   (Croatian) – ode to a beautiful city
2. Janinko (Yugoslavian)- man pining for a woman in a window
3. Dilmano Dilbero (Bulgarian) – how do you plant green peppers?
4. Letyat Utki (Russian) – woman in love gazing at geese flying
5. Dayler,Dayler   (Turkish) – soldier misses wife & sings to mountains
6. Sto Mie Milo   (Macedonian) – goings on in a marketplace
7. To Karavani (Greek Rom) – gypsy caravan life is hard
8. Milo Maiko (Yugoslavian) – boy says goodbye to mom & goes to war
9. Windham   (Appalachian) – song about death
10. Scalerica d’Oro   (Ladino) – wedding taunt to poor couple but in love
11. Heyamo (Laz) – women’s work song
12. Rotaro (Greek) – cycles of life turning
13. O Mar (Portuguese) – pondering the sea and life
14. La Canzone Del Pane   (Italian) – bread prayer
15. Suri Nana Guri Nana (Laz) – lullaby
16. Rom Susa Gar (Greek) – without my will
17. Suya Iner Tavsanlar   (Turkish) – musings about lover
18. U Nedini Mamo Svirki Svirat(Bulgarian) – groom is always late-even to his wedding!

engineered by Lou Judson and Coleen of Intuitive Audio
honey cover art by Jehanne Hale

1. Goridh’gi Goridh’Go   (Scottish Gaelic swan preening song)
2. Tirioni (Portuguese work song)
3. Ti Da Mi Dodjes   (Macedonian wedding/drinking song)
4. Yiallah Tnem Rima   (Lebanese lullaby)
5. D’une Coline (French pagan spring song)
6. O’Mo Dhuthaich’   (Irish Gaelic – My Country)
7. Ts’ints’qaro   (Georgian love song)
8. Son Mi Dojde   (Bulgarian strong woman song)
9. Marions Les Roses (medieval French pagan spring song)
10.  I Mangues   (Greek Rom song about displacement)
11. Okrenin Se (Hungarian lullaby to a lost child)
12. Es Kisher (Armenian love song)
13. Mimi Eej Temechin (Mongolian homage – My Mother)
14. La Luna Se Enoja   (Spanish dark lullaby)
15. A Vaca De Fogo   (Portuguese story about rebellion)
16. Cancions de Canteros (Ladino work/drinking song)
17. Domhnall (Scottish Gaelic dancing song – Black Donald)

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