How do you like our new web site?


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  1. kerry says:

    love your new site.
    peace c

  2. Susan Kirshenbaum says:

    Great photos. Very clean and elegant. But also friendly and inviting. Congrats! Can’t wait to listen.

  3. Peggy says:

    I like it! Nice job. The photography is wonderful.
    Looking forward to hearing the latest version of JouJou.

  4. Leslie Thomas says:

    This is an inspiring website! I love the photographs and entire site design! Nice job! I can’t wait to hear the music!

    • taters says:

      Hi Leslie – Great to see you after all these years. You can hear some song excerpts on the music page if you like. Thanks for the compliments and checking us out!

  5. Lou Judson says:

    A vary lovely website. Clean and clear. I was listening to Mellifluous and wondering hwo you all are these days!

    (Corrected for typos – please delete the previous one! 🙂

    • taters says:

      Hi Lou – Thanks for recording our last cd and so glad you are enjoying listening to it! We are working on songs for our third cd and will contact you soon.

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